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Values & mission statement

As coach of the "European Association for Supervision and Coaching eV ( EASC )" I follow their highest ethical guidelines and quality standards in Europe.


For me, the prerequisite for a trusting conversation is to meet my clients with absolute confidentiality at eye level. I offer this in a protected, safe environment with respect, empathy and enthusiasm.


Originally, the word coach means carriage or bus. The picture of a carriage is a very good way to illustrate the cooperation between coach and coachee. To give you an understanding of what coaching means to me personally, I have written the following lines:


the journey begins...

As a coach, I am your driver because I have the skills to lead the carriage.
Thanks to my training, I know how to steer the horses to stay on the road. I succeed even on difficult ground, where one gets easily stuck.
And I take care that we don't get off track.

I want to create an atmosphere for the passenger in which he feels comfortable and is relaxed.
The traveller does not have to worry about steering or whether we will reach our destination.

The coachman leads the carriage. And this gives the traveller security, he can trust the driver.

And the passenger decides where the journey is going.

The destination often becomes clear only during the journey - but it becomes plain.

On tour, we may encounter obstacles. May be there will be an unplanned detour. Or that the traveller changes direction and says: "I don't want to go there anymore. I want to go over there now. This appeals to me much more." So we just do it.


It may be that the passenger wants to take a break or feels that the journey is going too fast. Then we go slower.

Or the traveller realizes that he has too much luggage. Then we throw it overboard and notice we make better progress without it.

And so we reach our destination. And the passenger realizes - the journey is the reward!


Would you like to take such a journey with me? If so, please contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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