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"Our freedom does not lie in the fact that we can do what we want, but rather that we do not have to do what we do not want."

Jean-Jacques Rousseau


From my experience, there can be situations in life where one feels to not get any further with one's own knowledge or wisdom.
You might think to yourself, isn't there more to this, a better way?!

These topics can be of professional as well as private nature.


As a coach I can support you in these situations!

Discover new possibilities through Coaching!


  • Using undreamt-of resources effectively

  • Reaching your full potential

  • Creating your own solutions


Goals of Coaching?


That the coached person ...


... gains a better percpective of oneself

... can better reflect on own behavior

... becomes aware of available resources

... can realize gained insights

... learns to manage oneself better in order to create healthy life contexts

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